Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hoobie Doobie Stay in 2009

Found some great video and photos on a portable drive that my client gave me in 2009.   Her dog Hoobie Doobie was here for board & train, and his owners also came to learn how to continue the training and handling of Hoobie in the future.

They also took great pictures of other client's dogs and our dogs during this time period.   Enjoy:)
Hoobie and Jean plus Jackie and me walk to the wiggly bridge.

Hoobie hanging with the Lucey girl.

Hoobie wonders "can I get away with biting her now?"

Carole with Hoobie and Me with Jackie (then not a Companion Dog and he was having issues with strange dogs coming up to us) on Long Sands beach with Roxy, Harley, Cindy and Hack.

Carole and Hoobie talking to some people at the York Maine fleamarket.

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