Sunday, November 6, 2011

Macrame Crochet and Dog Collars

After the Doberman Nationals in Fitchburg Mass this year, I have been totally obsessed with making my dogs some crocheted, macrame, and/or beaded collars.   One vendor that has an online presence had braided collars, which look like they may be easy and fun to start with.

I would like to get up to this level that Original American Collars (I believe the link is their website) was showing at the nationals.  Many of these vendors were not online OR were in the process of being online, which is a shame.   Really beautiful collars and merchandise.

Of course my "crafty domestic" skills were something I never developed for myself.   Sadly, I did actually have a grandmother that could have taught me these things, but it was not what I was interested in at the time.   Now I have inherited some of my grandmothers knitting items (unfortunately even though she did crochet, there were no crochet materials or hooks in the items that I acquired).  I am really wishing I paid attention to her sewing, cooking, and crafty arts when I was a kid.

I don't even really know the difference between knitting, crocheting and macrame LOL.  I've gotten a bunch of books.   The extent of my craftiness was homemade cards at one point, and some paper arts.  Never got that great at it, but had a good time.

So clearly I am going to want to go for something simple for my dogs at first like braided collars with one or two colors of material.   I like the idea of doing it myself, as I never find exactly what I want for my dogs.   I would like something for them that I custom made with them in mind:)   Course it is going to take a little practice this winter to do it, I fear.

I found this free macrame pattern for a dog collar that looks maybe doable.   They do say it could be a challenge for a beginner (and I am a pre-beginner).

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