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ME (Maine) Legislation KILL THE BILL-LD 1053

Sample letter from Mannerly Mutts Dog Training, based on a compilation of information from the AKC, ADOA,,,, and other dog professionals that are concerned with this type of legislation.

Please see background posting of this Maine proposed bill in question labeled under the following:

Many of you won't be involved in the fight to keep this sort of legislation out of our state. This bill is billed (pardon the pun) as an answer to substandard breeding practices and problems. However, the answer to puppy mill problems lies in enforcing legislation that is already on the books of the State of Maine. Instead what this does is charges people who already are doing the right thing, and taxes them for the non-enforcement of laws, which should have been enforced in the first place.I urge any of you that care for not only your rights as pet owners, but your constitution rights not to be subjected to illegal search and seizure of your homes, to become active in the fight against legislation like this.A sample letter can be found at the end of this post with bullet points that can be selected to keep the letters short and concise, and hopefully make the points that need to be made. The following is contact information for the politicians and task force that was assigned to this project:

Contact information is as follows via e-mail and phone:

Sen. John M. Nutting (Ch)(D-17) Androscoggin 207/287-1515
Rep. Wendy Pieh (Ch)(D-50) Bremen, Jefferson, Nobleboro, Waldoboro 207/287-1430
Rep. Timothy A. Carter (D-91) Bethel, Eustis, Gilead, Hanover, Kingfield, Newry, 207/287-1430
Rangeley, Stoneham, Upton, Woodstock
Rep. Dean A. Cray (R-28) Canaan, Cornville, Hartland, Palmyra, St. Albans 207/287-1440
Rep. Peter Edgecomb (R-4) Caribou 207/287-1440
Rep. Jeffery A. Gifford (R-12) Edinburg, Enfield, Howland, Lincoln, Maxfield 207/287-1440
Rep. Jacqueline A. Lundeen (D-6) Blaine, Bridgewater, Easton, Fort Fairfield, 207/287-1430
Mars Hill, Westfield
Rep. Donald G. Marean (R-131) Buxton, Hollis 207/287-1440
Rep. Benjamin M. Pratt (D-20) Bradley, Brewer, Clifton, Dedham, Eddington, 207/287-1430
Rep. Raymond G. Pineau (D-87) Chesterville, Jay, Mercer, New Sharon, Starks 207/287-1430
Rep. John F. Piotti (I-45) Burnham, Freedom, Knox, Montville, Palermo, 207/287-1400
Thorndike, Troy, Unity
Sen. Margaret R. Rotundo (D-16) Androscoggin, Lewiston 207/287-1515
Sen. Roger L. Sherman (R-34) Aroostook 207/287-1505

The task for on this was or is made of the following members (with either e-mail or organizational site information):

Don Hanson- Animal Welfare Advisory Council (AWAC) and Truly Dog Friendly Member
Dr. Jeff Carr- Maine Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA)
Louise Lester- Maine Town Clerks Association
Kathleen Ross- Maine Animal Control Association (MACA)
Sharon Paradis- State Licensed Catteries couldn't find contact info
Steve Dostie- Maine Federation of Humane Societies (MFHS)
Sara Vanderwood- Downeast Sled Dog Club
Laurie Pruit- Federation of Maine Dog Clubs (FMDC)
Ken Mar den- American Kennel Club (AKC)
Katie Lisnik- Animal Advocacy Groups, Maine State Director for the HSUS
Larry Doyon- State Licensed Dog Breeders
Norma Worley -State Animal Welfare Program, sat on HSUS Panel and Further Story here and her participation in illegal search and seizure (yeah don't worry, RIGHT!!)
Dr. Christine Fraser- State Animal Welfare Program

Please oppose Maine LD 1053, An Act to Ensure Humane Dog and Cat Breeding in the State. The following are a few reasons why this bill should be opposed:


· LD 1053 infringes on constitutional rights by allowing the State of Maine Animal Welfare Department to enter your property without a warrant and seize animals for any reason.
· LD 1053 burdens responsible breeders with additional costs for animals that may or may not be bred. Responsible breeders have many costs for prenatal care, veterinary care for bitch and puppies, feeding, socializing, and many other needs.
· LD 1053 may cause responsible breeders to be unable to meet the increased financial costs and therefore stop breeding healthy puppies and dogs. Responsible breeders are a valuable resource that provides the public with healthy puppies and dogs, while they use their expertise to make the right matches. Responsible breeders keep down pet over population due to these practices, and their practices of screening potential puppy owners. Responsible breeders also have waiting lists of screened adopters waiting for their dogs and puppies.
* LD 1053 is not needed, as there is more than adequate laws on the books to address this issue. Effective and enforceable animal laws strike a reasonable balance between protecting the welfare of animals and the privacy of citizens who keep and breed animals in their homes.
* LD 1053 goes far beyond the goal of eliminating substandard kennels by targeting all breeders, good, bad, large and small.
· Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a radical animal rights organization, is pushing this bill. Please don’t be fooled by thinking their agenda is truly for the good of the animals.
* Please oppose LD 1053 as it will not provide better care for dogs nor assure healthier well socialized dogs for the public.

Oppose Maine LD 1053. Please call me with any questions or concerns regarding this. I will follow up with your office to be sure that this letter was received.

Sincerely yours,

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